Does Your site have it?

The biggest mistake the average site has these days is not a lack of being mobile friendly, it's much "Bigger" then that. What worked a few months ago doesn't work today. It's almost enough to make you THINK!

The whole design process has changed, something you normally do at the end of the process to "tidy up" any mess ups, could end up being a bigger problem. And what used to be a "snap" to handle now takes a "full day" to fix and seems to affect everything else. And just THINK! We used to like "BIG" things. BIG Houses, BIG Cars, BIG Screen TV's and we still had to have a "BIG Mac" and an Extra Large (BIG) Soda to go with it. Then we'd go the tiniest room in that nice "BIG House" to take a "BIG Dump". 
All is not lost, we seem to be reverting back to a small, small world again. You may THINK I'm just kidding with you but they are already designing, building any selling tiny little homes. So, I guess building a "BIG" website small enough to fit on a tiny iphone shouldn't be a problem at all. Hmmm, It's almost enough to make you THINK!